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Shantdeep : Choosing bowls to match a gong and F3

Shantdeep : Choosing bowls to match a gong and F3


This client had a gong and singing bowl that were not perfect pitch.  She wanted her singing bowls to compliment her gong, so this is the message I sent her with the video.

Scale options that have both F and B.

The Lydian Scale is F G A B C D E F (Bright)

Lydian Dominant Scale is F G A B C D D# F (More Mellow)

Plan #1 is to pick bowls that are in relative pitch to the gong. 

Plan #2  is we get all perfect pitch bowls, with plans in the future to get a perfect pitch F3 to make a binaural net, but then these new bowls won't sound as harmonically smooth with your gong.

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