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Virginia Maskell : Fantasia Healing Frequencies

Virginia Maskell : Fantasia Healing Frequencies

Fantasia Healing Frequencies Sound Practitioner  Ontario Canada

Join me for a monthly Sound Bath Journey, or a 1:1, couples (30 or 60 minute) session.  All of the instruments love this new space and it shows on the faces of all the participants.  Allow yourself the pleasure of relaxing in the quietness of your soul as you’re bathed with the sounds and vibrations of the drums, gongs, bowls, chimes and flute.  For 1:1 and couples sessions I combine the Sound Healing and Meditation with PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy for a complete Mind, Body & Soul experience.  Re-tune your energy to the frequency of the Earth, your natural state.  It’s from this state of be-ing that your body can heal, relax, de-stress & rebuild. Finding ways to bring your energy and physical systems back to this natural place of healing will continue to move you forward in a positive and healthy manner. I would be honoured to be a part of your journey!

Contact: Info@HealingFrequencies.Life


Phone: 519-304-6100

Brantford, Ontario


Fantasia Healing Frequencies Sound Practitioner Brantford Ontario Canada

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