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Baritone Double Ceramic Ocarina

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The two chambers construction of this beautiful ocarina or ceramic flute allows you to play musical intervals and melodies with an accompaniment. It is rather easy to when you find the right combinations between the fingerings of your right hand and your left hand.This large ocarina does take a lot of air, so it is great for expanding your lung power.

*This is a very big ocarina and is not suitable for women with small hands. 

How do I play the ocarina?

The process of learning to play a specific ocarina can be very relaxing and meditative.  It takes time to learn how to precisely control the air flow, putting focus on your breath-work.


Close the square air hole or holes on the top of your ocarina with your hand and breathe slowly through the mouthpiece for a minute. Ocarinas condense a fair amount of air moisture when played, especially ceramic ones. After one minute of breathing this way, blow out the moisture with a short strong blow - and you're good to go. After warming up - the condensation will take more time to build up and you will have to get rid of the moisture less frequently.


It is important that the holes are fully covered to create a nice seal; but at the same time, you want to relax your hand. This will take time to learn the right pressure needed. Many beginners get very sore fingers after just a few minutes of playing. When your hand is tired, take a break. Your finger muscles will get strengthened much faster if you have 5 two minute sessions than if you have one 10 minute session. Watch the video in this listing or on our youtube channel to see how Vladimir hold and plays this bamboo ocarina.


Learning how to precisely control the air flow takes practice. First begin with a very soft gentle exhale. Listen to the quality of the sound. Then increase the pressure and listen carefully to how the sound has changed. Continue playing with different amounts of pressure until you enjoy the sound you have created.

What is this ocarina made from?

This beautiful ocarina or ceramic flute is made of natural clay with a glazed spot black fired with pine wood to give it the nice dark brown finish. This handcrafted  ocarina has been carefully covered with a special beeswax mix prepared from an ancient Egyptian recipe. 

Where are these clay ceramic ocarinas made?

We searched the world to find the best musician quality clay ocarinas. After many months, we found them off the east coast of the Black Sea, in Russia.  We were blessed to meet Vladimir, a very talented artist who takes pride in his work as can be seen in both the appearance and stunning sound as displayed in his videos. 

How do I care for and store my ocarina?

Playing the ocarina can lead to a lot of moisture buildup inside the instruments. It's very important to let the ocarina dry out in an open space after washing or long playing sessions to prevent mold. They can also be washed with soap and water from the inside (the inside and the air channel surfaces are covered with several layers of a high-quality lacquer for moisture protection). They should also be left to dry out before being put in a bag or case.

These ocarinas are works of art and I am sure you will want to show yours off. Be sure to place your ocarina on either a rubber mat that we ship it with, or on a very soft cushiony fabric that will not slide off the shelf.

Can I  travel with my ocarina?

Ceramic ocarinas are pretty fragile and should be transported carefully. 

The travel option for a clay ocarina is to have a solid instrumental case.

Second best is to have it wrapped in a protective layer of bubble wrap or soft padding in a solid box. This is how we will ship it to you. We guarantee it will arrive safely to your home. 

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