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Most Popular Wands and Mallets

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Large Silicone Wand

Some say these silicone wands are magical because of the soft quiet sound they create when playing on crystal singing bowls. Each time a client in our store compares the silicone wands to the sued ones, they choose the silicone.  Even when we offer them free suede wands, they still opt to pay for a silicone wand. 

This wand is great for all crystal singing bowls, producing a very clean and clear sound. I love using this when I want to close my eyes and meditate while I am playing my bowls.

Rubber Ball Mallet

This mallet is fine for playing all singing bowls.

It produces a clean sound when you are playing around the outside of your bowl. The only drawback on this mallet is that if you like to play with your eyes closed you need to take care that you don't let the wood handle rub against the far side of your bowl. This noise can be irritating and take you out of your meditation.

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