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Large Swinging Wing Chime - RAY - 9 Bar

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Tuning is in the A=432 system

C4 - D4 - E4 - F4 - G4 - G#4 - A4 - B4 - C5

Sound Ray 1 1/4″ 9 Bar: This exceptional scalar configuration is the excerpt of the natural harmonic series from the 8th to the 16thovertone and easily represents the meeting place of music and mathematics. Each tone and interval can be measured as an integer proportion and can express the signatures of each number and their archetypal relation. A veritable measure rod of the inherent law of music and possibly one of its prime tools to understand the mechanics of its secret effects.

Width: 92 cm Depth: 4 cm Height: 72 cm (118 cm with string)

    This pioneering musical instrument is one of SVARAM’s NEW WAVES innovations based on harmonic, just intonation Shruti tunings on C 256 Hertz. (Traditional A=440 tuned instruments have the C 261.6 Hertz with Equal temperament) The Chimes can be swung gently, rotated, traversed, looped, swayed around and over the body and create an immediately “touching“ experience of the magic of a spherical sound in its layered consistency and its wholesome harmonizing effect.

    What are the notes of the other wing chimes?

    8 Bars Path : C4 - D4 - E4 - F4 - G4 - G#4 - A#4 - C5

    8 Bars Circle : C4 - D4 - D#4 - F4 - G4 - A4 - A#4 - C5

    9 Bars Ray: C4 - D4 - E4 - F4 - G4 - G#4 - A4 - B4 - C5

    9 Bars Spiral : C4 - D4 - E4 - G4 - A4 - C5 - D5 - E5 - G5

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