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Sound Practitioner Courses

Below are some course offerings that we feel very confidant in recomending.  These include a course that we offer, and others from people who we trust to give honest, well researched and backed information.

Did you know that anyone can offer you certification as a sound practitioner?   There is no governing body so anyone can offer a course.  So how do you choose a Sound Practitioner Course?  Listen to what others have to say. Ask around. Find someone in the field you trust and get their advice.


I am in the process of creating this online video course, that will give you an intensive look into the art of playing crystal singing bowls. Taught through the creative process, you will learn to explore your crystal singing bowls in a wide variety of manners and learn to play the most beautiful sound journeys. We hope to have it ready for the summer of 2023

$333 if you have purchased 5 or more crystal singing bowls from us.

$420 if you have purchased 3 or 4 crystal singing bowls from us.

$500 for all others.

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Dig Deeper

I can't speak highly enough of the three gentlemen who offer this program. I have completed 216 hours of this program. That is 6 seasons of this course, each season as 12 three hour episodes filled with great knowledge and information. This is my go to place for sending people who want to learn about sound. This is the same team as the School of Gong, listed next. However in the School of Gong, there are many other courses offered.

School of Gong

In October 2022, Ivan and I participated in a 10 day in person gong workshop with this team. Ten glorious days of gong, from 9 am to 9 pm. Every moment we learned something new and valuable. The teaching style of Mike, Mitch and Thomas were of the highest calibre. They are now offering a variety of online classes for you to choose from. You can't go wrong with any of them.

Michael Bettine's Free Master Class

We met Michael at gong camp and were very impressed with his down to earth nature. He ias kind soul who is offering these 12 videos create a complete 6.5 hour Gong Course Masterclass based on his ideas and how he works. There is plenty of discussion and instruction about various ideas, like time, putting together a set up, developing your own sounds and getting past all the bogus ideas out there about working with sound and 'sound healing.' There are also demonstrations of my ideas in action. So there's plenty of material to draw from to hopefully inspire your own creative sound journey.

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